Our Principles

Simply put, the purpose of our company is to enable innovations to have the most impact. We measure our success based on the value that we create for our customers and not on the revenues that sit in our accounting books. Unlike other companies, we stay true to these principles. We offer the ideal mix for innovations to soar – Consulting, Think Tank, Design Studio and Innovation Lab – all in one.

Our Principles are:

#cocreation. We see ourselves as your partner in innovation and change processes; not as a meddlesome consulting team that knows better.

#funatwork. One of our favorite words at Wonderwerk is “playfulness,” and even this only provides a small glimpse into our approach. We believe that passion is perhaps one of the most important factors required for sustainable innovation.

#cando. We have a can-do attitude that is only satisfied when we receive at least one “impossible” objection from someone. Of course, we know what it means to work within given restrictions, but we believe that trying new ideas and learning from them can be the best path towards innovation.

#purpose. We are a purpose-driven organization; our mission – Supporting Organizational Innovation for Social Impacts – connects us. This social aspect makes a huge difference for us. Our focus is on social innovation that benefits the common good.

#work #hack #jam. The diversity of methods that we employ allows us to see things from many different perspectives. Sometimes we design an unconstrained environment where the outcome is unknown and unspecified, while other times we design an approach with ridged constraints and processes for our customers. From these diverse approaches, we experience unexpected “Aha” moments that create the foundation for innovation.

#unquencheablecuriosity. We are Design Thinkers, inside and out – curious, eager to experiment, and always ready to jump into the unknown and go beyond our comfort zones.