Merkur Versicherung

Wonderwerk is helping Merkur Versicherung to create a corporate and leadership culture that demonstrates agility, strength of implementation, and personal responsibility. Merkur Versicherung, Austria’s oldest insurance company, insures people’s lives, health and assets. Its core competence is in healthcare. It has about 1,000 employees in Austria.

Included Services

Agile Transformation
Agile Leadership
Agile Skills

The goal is to make the subject of agility accessible and tangible throughout the entire company. Wonderwerk is advising Merkur Versicherung’s managers on how to develop an agile mindset and its employees to design organisational structures and processes in a more cross-functional and user-centric way. It is using interactive formats to show the project teams how to use agile methods and tools. It has enabled Merkur Versicherung to create a network of multipliers through an agile coaching certification programme and thereby sustainably secure its know-how concerning the subject of agility.

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