We believe that people have to experience new things in order to fully understand them. In many places around the world, new technologies and innovations are being created and implemented. Hearing about these or reading about them in the newspaper is one thing, but seeing the places live and coming face to face with the people behind these new developments, is a totally different experience.

For this reason, we organize Wonderwerk Learning Journeys two times a year. We travel to exciting destinations where public and social innovations are taking place.

Learning Journey Silicon Valley

Save the Date: November 2017

Learning Journey Tel Aviv

October 15 -19, 2017

Israel, and more specific Tel Aviv is a well-known start-up and innovation hub. We will explore how such an attractive and supportive environment for social tech and digital social innovation can be set up. On the basis of success stories from the health, social and education sector we hope to get inspired.

Some organisation we plan to visit:
– Impact First Investments
– tech for good
– Beit Issie Shapiro and „A3I – Accelerating Inclusion in Israel
– MindUp a Digital Health Incubator
– United Hatzalah
– Start-ups of the Israeli Public Service Venture Fund „Tmura

Learning Journey in Estonia

March 26 -28, 2017

„Country as a Service“, is how Taavi Kotka, the Chief Information Officer of Estonia, describes his vision for digitalization in the public sector. Wonderwerk will be leading a Learning Journey in Tallinn from Sunday, March 26, 2017 in the evening until Tuesday, March 28, 2017 in the evening.

We want to see first-hand how Estonia has created the way to a “Digital Society.” Estonia is known worldwide as a benchmark and leading role model in the area of E-Government, with everyday citizen services being anchored in digitalization. Since 2015, it has been possible for foreigners to establish an E-Residency, which is a digital residence in Estonia. Among other benefits, this enables people from all over the world to found a business in Estonia online. Since 2000, the Estonian Constitution has guaranteed internet access to every citizen. With the knowledge of the Estonian government’s drive towards digitalization, every public service in Estonia has been changed to capture the benefits of digitalization.