18. Juli 2022

Organizational Design for a New Work future

Simply put: Organizational Design is all about making peoples life better at work. From the ongoing pandemic and technological advances to shifting generational values and expectations, our work environment  has been flipped upside down turning former taboos into state-of-the-art practice. Today employees expect maximum flexibility allowing them to create their very own curated work-life blend. Remote and hybrid work settings are no longer a nice-to-have perk but a must-have offer when forced to compete for global talent. Naturally, these rapid and drastic changes bring up entirely new questions such as how might we create fair and equal conditions for an ever more diverse workforce with even more diverse needs and demands.

Consequently, hoping not only to attract but hold on to talent, many organizational leaders are facing entirely new challenges when aiming to create a work setting and culture that people enjoy and allows them to thrive in what they do. Often this requires more than a ‚simple‘ adaption of a few existing processes and structures here and there, but rather a complete rethink of an organization‘s logic that is a clear understanding of:

  • what the business is for
  • the goals it is ultimately in service of
  • why it matters, and
  • they value it aims to create in the world. 

  • How do we want to work together?
  • In which ways can we tackle the challenges of hybrid work settings all while instilling a culture of collaboration?
  • What ways of working and process might we need to introduce to support us in achieving our mission as an organization?
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