Wonderwerk supports the public sector in becoming more innovative, digital, and agile.

Wonderwerk – A modern form of public sector consultancy.

Wonderwerk is a consultancy at its core. However, we do more than “just” consulting. We are coaches and event managers, we develop new learning formats, and we occasionally even launch a new start-up. Wonderwerk is a small but high-quality ecosystem.

Our company is named after the Wonderwerk Cave, an archaeological site in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Fossilised remains of burnt bones and plant parts were found in this cave, indicating a very early mastery of fire – at least one million years ago. Numerous stone tools and cave paintings have also been discovered there, as well as fireplaces. We therefore see the Wonderwerk Cave as mankind’s first innovation lab and the place of origin of one of the most important social innovations in the history of civilisation – the harnessing of fire. And firing up innovation in the public sector is exactly what our work is aimed at.

Our core mission is to support the public sector in becoming more innovative, digital, and agile. We firmly believe in innovation and digitalisation as the key to meeting today’s challenges and creating a more liveable world. Therefore, we have built up skills and expertise in a range of subjects:

Human-centred design: design thinking and service design

New ways of working: New Work and Work 4.0

Digital transformation: strategy and change management

Agile organisation: agile management and OKRs

New approaches to leadership: digital and remote leadership

We are lucky enough to call Vienna our home. Nevertheless, we are constantly thriving for new opportunities. That is why we are currently expanding our business to London, one of the world’s most innovative cities.

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