Wonderwerk supports the public sector in becoming more innovative, digital, and agile.

Wonderwerk – A modern form of public sector change and design agency.

Wonderwerk is a change and design agency for the 21st century public sector. We exist to innovate, support, and build modern public services around the world. We are a small but high-quality ecosystem working on ground-breaking projects in the public sector, both on the national and international level.  

Our company is named after the Wonderwerk Cave, an archaeological site in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Fossilised remains of burnt bones and plant parts were found in this cave, indicating a very early mastery of fire – at least one million years ago. Numerous stone tools and cave paintings have been discovered there. Wonderwerk Cave is mankind’s first innovation lab and the place of origin of one of the most important social innovations in the history of civilisation – the harnessing of fire. And firing up innovation in the public sector forms the beating heart of our mission. 

Our core mission is to support the public sector in becoming more innovative, digital, and agile. We firmly believe that fundamental organisational change and human-centered design are the key to meeting today’s challenges and creating better public services. We have offices in three of Europe’s most international cities, Vienna, Berlin and London, and our work spans a great deal further.  

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