No two days are the same at Wonderwerk. Routine is therefore almost a foreign word for us Wonderwerkers. On some days we work at our desks in the office (mainly in teamwork) to develop ideas and strategies for implementing our projects successfully. On other days we are on site with our clients organising a workshop. Or an event. Or we are equipping our clients for remote work. Our clients are based all over German-speaking Europe. A "typically untypical" Wonderwerk working day therefore takes place in Germany and Switzerland as well as in Austria.

Karriere bei Wonderwerk

What we offer

We offer everything: variety, excitement, thrills, development (on the job and off the job), flexible work locations (in the office, at the client’s or at home) and flexible working hours. There is only one thing we don’t offer, namely boredom. That’s not surprising, because we are a very adventurous team and handle diverse projects.

One time it’s a small subject-focused workshop. Another time it’s a multi-year, cross-subject organisational development process. Sometimes we work for a regional client, and sometimes for an international one. The range of our activities is also confirmed by the statistics: we spend three quarters of our time on consulting projects. The remaining quarter is dedicated to events, learning trips and training courses that we organise and arrange.

Perhaps it is precisely this diversity that is the secret of our success. What isn’t a secret is that we are one of the few consulting firms in German-speaking Europe that not only preaches the principles of agile management to its clients but also lives them internally.

We offer great remuneration as well as great projects to work on. Fair remuneration that meets international standards goes without saying. We also offer a wide range of fringe benefits.

An individual development plan at the Wonderwerk Leadership Campus
Your own company bike and an annual pass for the Wiener Linien public transport system
A wide-ranging culture programme
The Wonderwerk library filled with 800+ reference books
A unique office in the 1st district of Vienna
#allyouneed for home office  
And last but not least: 6 weeks’ holiday – because time off is important

Who we are looking for

Not everyone likes curious people. But we do. We are looking for people who, like the great explorers, want to discover new territories. People who like to think outside the box and keep cool even when they have to juggle several balls at the same time. In short, we are looking for people who enjoy challenges. It doesn’t take much more than that to become a real Wonderwerker: maybe a little analytical thinking, a little creativity, a basic business degree, a large portion of team spirit, a passion for communication and, of course, enjoyment of travelling – as we have clients throughout German-speaking Europe. So pack your bags and get over to Frankfurt, Zurich, Berlin or Buxtehude. We don’t actually have any clients in Buxtehude, but it’s only a matter of time.

Open positions

(Senior) Consultant Junior Consultant Project Manager Unsolicited application

Roles and career opportunities

As a junior consultant, you will ideally work for us alongside studying for your master’s degree. This is therefore a part-time position. You will be part of a project team from the start. You will help your team to prepare documents (mostly PowerPoint presentations). You will do a lot of research and will prepare and follow up on workshops. You will regularly attend client sessions on site. A consultant will be at your side and will train you on the job. Our goal is to promote you to consultant after you graduate, i.e. to help you to move from a part-time to a full-time position.

The pay for a junior consultant is €15 per hour.

As a consultant you will be part of a squad – that’s what we call our consulting teams. You will work on different projects. Mostly with colleagues from your own squad. But there are also cross-squad projects and initiatives. As a consultant, you will learn all about our subject areas and help us with research, analysis and subject preparation. You will prepare workshops and take responsibility for settings and for supervising groups in our workshops. You will also help us to prepare offers and organise internal and external events. Your rate of learning is bound to increase exponentially.

The gross salary for a consultant at Wonderwerk is between €49,000 and €54,600 per year.

As a senior consultant, you will already know how the consulting sector works. You will start to work on individual parts of projects on your own. You will work as a trainer in our Wonderwerk Academy alongside your consulting work. You will already be able to prepare smaller project offers yourself and you will start to become more active in business development. You will delve deeper and deeper into individual subjects and thereby strengthen our knowledge base. You will be an important mentor for consultants and junior consultants and will help your colleagues to develop.

The gross salary for a senior consultant at Wonderwerk is between €57,400 and €68,600 per year.

As a project manager you will be responsible for the successful completion of projects. You will be responsible for supervising projects and for professional project management and monitoring. You will coordinate all of the work packages in a project and will actively help your colleagues to develop. You will be the main contact person for the clients of your projects. Within Wonderwerk, you will help to build up knowledge and to develop our product landscape. In addition to consulting projects, you will be responsible for larger events and learning trips. In addition to your project work, you will get increasingly involved in our business development agendas and will support Wonderwerk’s organic growth.

The gross salary for a project manager at Wonderwerk is between €74,200 and €91,000 per year.

As a senior project manager, you will build up strong relationships with our clients. You will typically remain a generalist and will be fully familiar with our core consulting fields of strategy, innovation, organisation and change management. Internally, you will act as a senior mentor and will mainly help our project managers and senior consultants to plan projects and workshops. You will get increasingly involved in product development and will spend significantly more time developing business and networking. You will manage your own chapter – an internal knowledge domain dedicated to one of Wonderwerk’s core consulting subjects.

The gross salary for a senior project manager at Wonderwerk is between €99,400 and €121,800 per year.

Your job will be to develop business and long-term client care. You will now be 100% an entrepreneur and jointly responsible for Wonderwerk’s development and international growth. Your contacts on the client side will be at the senior management level. You will therefore mainly communicate with managing directors and members of the management board.

A partner’s gross salary is not a fixed amount and is instead based on individually agreed parameters that are geared towards Wonderwerk’s continued development..