We use Wonderwerk’s innovation ecosystem to develop our own digital business models, and we work with agile methods (Scrum, kanban, OKRs, Lean Startup, and design thinking). Unlike many other consultancies, which have only learned about digitilisation from books and lectures, we also develop and market successful digital platforms ourselves.


A modern undertaker

Benu is the first digital funeral undertaker in Austria and is also one of the pioneers in this field in Europe. We know from experience that planning a funeral is not only emotionally very challenging, but also requires considerable time and expense. It is often difficult to get an overview of the available funeral services and to obtain transparent information. At Benu, we want to support people in the best possible way, whether in the event of a sudden bereavement or when they are making their own funeral arrangements. We work constantly as a team to offer a superior, modern service in the field of funerals and funeral insurance. In doing so, we always aim to provide superior service and to focus on modern customer needs.

Benu has been active and successful in the market since 2018.


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