Wonderwerk will help you in times of change. We believe that agile organisations are best equipped to face the challenges of the 21st century. We will show you how your organisation can become more agile and thereby more flexible, adaptable, and successful.

Application cases

Agile transformation

We will help your organisation transform into a more agile one. We provide agile methods and create a general framework for agile working. Agile transformation may also require structural adjustments. With our extensive change management expertise, we will help you to develop a holistic view of your organisation’s change needs so that agility becomes effective across the organisation and not just in projects.

Agile organisation

Developing an agile organisation requires organisational structures that ensure end-to-end customer accountability. Wonderwerk will help you to design and implement agile structures, processes and governance systems.

Agile leadership

Wonderwerk helps managers to design a framework for agile leadership based on trust and constant feedback. We believe in servant leadership and learn from failures.

New Work

Wonderwerk will help your organisation to adapt to a rapidly changing world of work. We see the opportunities behind remote and hybrid working modes and cover key topics such as remote leadership and remote collaboration. We make full use of new technologies to ensure effective team collaboration. We are also experts when it comes to the use of smart work hacks, the introduction of new work routines, and the design of new organisational structures.

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

We at Wonderwerk are pioneers at introducing and developing OKR processes in the German-speaking market. We will help you to introduce new or professionalise existing OKR systems.

Agile skills

Wonderwerk will teach you about agile methods and help you gain the skills you need to become a more agile organisation. We offer customised training courses for your organisation as well as certifications at the Wonderwerk Academy.


What we do differently and better

Der Wonderwerk flavour

We strive for a combination of sustainable impact and outstanding experience in all of our consulting projects. The formats for our consultancy services are creative, interactive, exciting and very varied, and what emerges from them adds value and has a long-lasting impact. That is the standard by which we measure ourselves.

We Walk the

We live what we give to others. Wonderwerk is an agile and highly innovative ecosystem that demonstrates a high degree of self-organisation and customer centricity. We live a strong culture of innovation, regularly experimenting with new formats and methods.

There is no “I” in “team”

The wheels that we turn together with our clients are too big for any individual to set in motion on their own. We are team players and always bring a customised combination of different technical and process competences to our consulting teams. Diversity is our superpower.

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"With Wonderwerk we have an advisor that inspires us with its empathy and know-how and provides important inputs at the right times."

Ingo Hofmann

CEO, Merkur Versicherung AG

"We were delighted with the quality of the individual consulting and the high level of motivation."

Beate Sommer

Innovation & Agile Coach, Explorative IT department, Deutsche Bundesbank

“Wonderwerk exemplifies the agile mindset and conveys this spirit in an enthusiastic and practical way.”

Ann-Katrin Müller

Human Resources Officer, BGBW Stuttgart