Wonderwerk supports your organisation in designing innovative, human-centred products and services. We further help create and implement an organisational framework for sustainable innovation that harnesses your organisation’s potential in every aspect.

Application cases

Product and service innovation

Wonderwerk will support you all the way from an innovative idea to a new product or service offering. Thanks to our long-standing expertise in (service) design thinking, we will adapt your existing products and services to your customers’ needs.

Business model innovation

Wonderwerk will help you to develop new business models. We make use of innovative tools and techniques such as the lean startup method in combination with the business model and value proposition canvases. Moreover, we rely on creative ways to develop new business models by organising innovation competitions or corporate company building set-ups.

Innovation strategies

Wonderwerk will create an impactful innovation strategy for your organisation. We will define objectives that are translated into tangible measures. Importantly, our innovation strategies include organisational and cultural aspects. This is to make sure that innovation creates a lasting positive impact on the organisation.

Innovation culture

We will guide your organisation towards a culture of innovation. We put people first and make your employees the source of new ideas.

Innovation structures

Wonderwerk will support you in creating the right organisational structures for sustainable innovation. The goal is to design structures, systems and processes in such a way that innovation moves from the niche to the mainstream. We will further help you to determine whether innovation requires a separate unit (an innovation lab or department) or not.

Innovation skills

Wonderwerk will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to make your company more innovative. In this context, we offer customized intrapreneurship programs and trainings as well as tailored certifications at the Wonderwerk Academy.


Wonderwerk creates its own intrapreneurship programs, in which specific innovations are developed, knowledge is transferred and sustainable cultural change happens.

What we do differently and better

The Wonderwerk Flavour

We strive for a combination of sustainable impact and outstanding experience in all of our consulting projects. The formats for our consultancy services are creative, interactive, exciting and very varied, and what emerges from them adds value and has a long-lasting impact. That is the standard by which we measure ourselves.

We Walk the

We live what we give to others. Wonderwerk is an agile and highly innovative ecosystem that demonstrates a high degree of self-organisation and customer centricity. We live a strong culture of innovation, regularly experimenting with new formats and methods.

There is no “I” in “team”

The wheels that we turn together with our clients are too big for any individual to set in motion on their own. We are team players and always bring a customised combination of different technical and process competences to our consulting teams. Diversity is our superpower.

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"We were delighted with the quality of the individual consulting and the high level of motivation."

Beate Sommer 

Innovation & Agile Coach, Explorative IT department, Deutsche Bundesbank

"Wonderwerk opens up space to develop innovative, new ideas in a joint, participatory process."

Beatrice Stadel

Focal Point, Land Salzburg