Wonderwerk supports the design of contemporary leadership. We focus on changes and trends in the “new way of working” as well as on the individual needs of organizations, managers and employees. Together we design innovative leadership models, train leadership competencies and open up individual solution spaces for contemporary leadership.


Leadership Models

Wonderwerk supports the design of a company’s own leadership model. In doing so, we focus on organizational challenges and demands as well as on current leadership trends and practices. The goal is to create a contemporary and equally appropriate leadership approach. This subsequently serves as the basis for competence surveys, development measures and organizational culture initiatives.

Leadership development

Wonderwerk supports the conception and implementation of customized development programs for different target groups, from junior managers to top managers. Our goal is to create clear structures and standards for personal and professional growth. Meanwhile, we maintain a balance between well-founded, theory-based content, practical exercises for the acquisition of competencies and “peer learning” approaches in the group.

Leadership Coaching

Wonderwerk accompanies executives in their individual development steps. We take sufficient time to build trust and to reflect on situations and challenges in everyday leadership. In the same way, we sharpen methodological and leadership skills in individual settings and thus pursue a holistic approach to leadership work.

Was wir anders und besser machen

The Wonderwerk Flavour

We strive for a combination of sustainable impact and outstanding experience in all of our consulting projects. The formats for our consultancy services are creative, interactive, exciting and very varied, and what emerges from them adds value and has a long-lasting impact. That is the standard by which we measure ourselves.

We Walk the

We live what we give to others. Wonderwerk is an agile and highly innovative ecosystem that demonstrates a high degree of self-organisation and customer centricity. We live a strong culture of innovation, regularly experimenting with new formats and methods.

There is no “I” in “team”

The wheels that we turn together with our clients are too big for any individual to set in motion on their own. We are team players and always bring a customised combination of different technical and process competences to our consulting teams. Diversity is our superpower.

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"Wonderwerk war über zwei Jahre ein starker Partner an unserer Seite während der Implementierung eines Reorganisationsprozesses.“

Mag. Birgit Schröck

Unternehmenssteuerung und Controlling, Energie AG Oberösterreich Vertrieb GmbH

"Dank Wonderwerk konnten wir das 'Warum' unseres Handelns stärken und den Fokus auf das gemeinsame Ziel festigen."

Dr. Carolin Porcham

Geschäftsführerin, Tiroler Soziale Dienste GmbH

"Wonderwerk begeistert uns mit Empathie und Know-How und setzt zur richtigen Zeit wichtige Impulse."

Ingo Hofmann 

CEO, Merkur Versicherung AG