Wonderwerk will help you with your work on strategy. We will draw on our expertise and extensive experience from the innovation and agility context. We will advise you on strategic analysis, participative conceptual work, defining goals and measures, and designing strategic management. A key success factor is strategy communication, which we achieve creatively and interactively using numerous communication channels.

Application cases

Corporate strategy

Wonderwerk will help you to develop a long-term corporate strategy. We will work with your managers and regularly involve your employees and customers. In our work on strategy, we balance scenarios that can be seriously presented and planned with others that demonstrate a high degree of uncertainty. In this way, we achieve a good mix of stability and agility in the strategy.

Innovation strategy

Wonderwerk will help you to develop your own innovation strategies. We will define measurable objectives and derive specific measures and initiatives from them. Innovation strategies often also include organisational and cultural aspects in order to ensure high and sustainable effectiveness for the cross-sectional subject of innovation.

Digitalisation strategy

Wonderwerk prepares the way for digital organisation. We develop digitalisation strategies that are aligned with our clients’ individual challenges and strengths.

Sustainability strategy

Wonderwerk will help you to plan and implement a sustainability strategy. We will use our comprehensive expertise in design thinking in combination with our expertise in organisational development, basing our method on the circular design approach.

Multi-stakeholder processes – participative strategy processes

Wonderwerk helps organisations to develop strategies that involve numerous stakeholders and users. We pay attention to a good mix of small and large group settings in order to make participation in the strategy development both tangible and perceptible.


A clear purpose gives orientation and clarity to your organisation’s strategic direction. Wonderwerk will help your organisation to develop its purpose and to become purpose-driven.

What we do differently and better

The Wonderwerk Flavour

We strive for a combination of sustainable impact and outstanding experience in all of our consulting projects. The formats for our consultancy services are creative, interactive, exciting and very varied, and what emerges from them adds value and has a long-lasting impact. That is the standard by which we measure ourselves.

We Walk the

We live what we give to others. Wonderwerk is an agile and highly innovative ecosystem that demonstrates a high degree of self-organisation and customer centricity. We live a strong culture of innovation, regularly experimenting with new formats and methods.

There is no “I” in “team”

The wheels that we turn together with our clients are too big for any individual to set in motion on their own. We are team players and always bring a customised combination of different technical and process competences to our consulting teams. Diversity is our superpower.

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"Wonderwerk helped us to define the rationale for our actions and to focus on our common goal."

Dr. Carolin Porcham 

Managing director, Tiroler Soziale Dienste GmbH

"Wonderwerk opens up space to develop innovative, new ideas in a joint, participatory process."

Beatrice Stadel MA

Focal Point, Land Salzburg