Wiener Netze

Wonderwerk accompanied Wiener Netze, Austria’s largest gas and electricity network operator, in a comprehensive change programme. Wiener Netze, wholly owned by the City of Vienna, supplies over two million customers throughout the Austrian capital, parts of Lower Austria and Burgenland with electricity, gas, district heating and telecommunications.

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Change Skills

Following the merger of two sites, the “Change Management Competence Initiative” was launched in cooperation with Wonderwerk. The initiative supported managers at Wiener Netze in carefully managing the challenges resulting from the merger. A modular change curriculum enabled key methods for successful change management to be taught and tested. An online change toolbox was made available for further upskilling. In addition, Wonderwerk helped lay the foundation for an internal community around leadership and change.

Credits: Foto: “Wiener Netze/Alex Nussbaumer“

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